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Titel: Elgenstierna 1 och 2?
Skrivet av: Tommy Petersson skrivet 2012-07-31, 13:22
Någon annan installation av skivan än att använda PDX-filen nämns inte, utom möjligen att man kan kopiera in datat till hårddisken för att arbetet ska gå snabbare.
Hittade idag lite generell info om Acrobat & .PDX, ska testa det när jag kommer hem.
To access the desired PDX file you are opening a PDF where you are trying to link to the PDX.
Instead, use the designed feature provided within Acrobat.
Go into the PDF's Document Properties. Select the Advanced tab.
In the dialog's first (top) pane, for Search Index, use the Browse button. Locate and select the desired PDX.
Close the Document Properties dialog. Save the PDF.
Now, when the PDF is opened the Catalog index is automatically mounted and available for Search.
As Bill@VT mentioned, the relative locations of all files and Catalog indices must be maintained when relocating to another location.
How to search with regular expression
Jan 2, 2011 8:21 AM
I make pdx files so that I can search text quickly. But Acrobat doesn't provide a way to search with regular expression. I'm wondering if there is a way that I don't know to search for regular expression in Acrobat Pro 9?
1. CtDave,
First, Acrobat must mount the PDX.
As Find does not use the cataloged index, use Shift+Ctrl+F to open the advanced search dialog.
It may be helpful to first enter Acrobat Preferences and for the Search category tick Always use advanced search options.
Back to the Search dialog - use the drop down menu for Look In to pick Select Index then, if no PDXs show, click the Add button.
In the Open Index File dialog, browse to the location of the desired PDX and select it.
OK out and use Return results containing to pick a Match ... requirement or Boolean.
To become familiar with query syntax, for Acrobat, it is good to review Acrobat Help. 02bd615109794195ff-7c4b.w.html 02bd615109794195ff-7c4b.w.html