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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-04-06
Skrivet av: Stefan Jernberg skrivet 2004-03-27, 08:05
Roy !
According to the husförhörslängd Lok Per Persson in Östra Storbyn (born 19/10 1825) and his wife Sparr Mait Andersdotter (born 8/4 1825 and dauther of Sparr Anders Jonsson and Mait Larsdotter in Kumbelnäs, Våmhus) had at least 4 children: Mait born 29/9 1852, Per born 1/5 1854, Margareta born 5/3 1856 and Anders born 27/2 1863.  
This is all i know about this family but i am almost certain that this is the family you are looking for.