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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-04-06
Skrivet av: Roy D. Chapman Jr. skrivet 2004-03-26, 23:24
  My cousin in Nebraska has the marriage certificate and is going to take a digital picture if it and send to me.  As soon as he does, I'll get all the info and put it on this discussion.  
   Billy, my cousin said that Erik Chapman (Köpman) had his parents listed as Oliver Olesen and Alenia Olesen but that some one had told him that he was staying with them before he got married. I will get the dates and see if can figure this out.
PS.  Oliver Olesen could have been Erik's brother Olof Olsson Köpman who changed his name when he emmigrated to the USA and Omaha, Nebraska in 1869. He was called Oliver Chapman in the 1880 census for Nebraska.