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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-04-06
Skrivet av: Anders Andersson skrivet 2004-03-26, 18:05
Well, Vonikus definitely isn't a Swedish name, but it may very well be a partial mistranscription of Våmhus. Note that o and å have roughly the same pronounciation, while m and h may have been misread as ni and k, respectively.
In our earlier discussion on Eric Köpman ( we saw conflicting information regarding where Eric and Margareta were married; you stated they were married in Sweden but Swedish records were said to indicate that Eric emigrated while still unmarried. This comes as no surprise; old records and notes often contain such errors. However, it stresses the importance of explaining what your sources are, otherwise it will be very difficult to help you.
When you mention that marriage certificate in Nebraska, do you mean that you now have evidence that Eric and Margareta indeed were married in America? If so, can you please state the date (at least year) of their marriage, so that we can determine approximately when Margareta emigrated?
As I mentioned before, I believe Sparman is a mistranscription for Sparrman, the latter being somewhat more recognizeable as a last name in Sweden. In the Swedish 1890 census, there are 36 individuals named Sparrman, but only one Sparman, and I'm tempted to believe also the latter one is a misspelling in the census itself (though I can't tell for sure).
Does the obituary indicate how Margareta was related to Andrew Sparman, or where he lived (in Sweden or America) at the time of her death? If her maiden name was Locke (of which I find none in the 1890 census), I suppose Andrew (Anders) Sparman (Sparrman) is unlikely to have been her brother, but I'm guessing here.