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Titel: Ödberg (Olsson), Albin & bror Benjamin utv 1888
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Kettle River 1928, dominerat av Odbergs:
Pop. 245. A village on the Soo line 7 miles w of Moose Lake, has a creamery, a strong bank, a hotel and lines of business typical of a thriving community. Edw Odberg, P M. Village council: Albin Odberg, pres; Mrs Ellen Odberg, clk; Bruno Kaspszak, Niko Saukko, Mrs A C Russell, trustees; Jno Mohelski, assessor; Mrs Emma Odberg, treas; Oscar Korhonen and Manni Oja, constables; Einard Manty, justice.
History of Marshall County, Kansas:
In 1875, in Sweden. Lars Peter Olson was united in marriage to Jose-  
phine Benson, who was born in that country on February 7, 1854, daughter  
of Benson and Anna Anderson, who spent all their lives in their native  
land, and to this union seven children have been born, namely : Augusta, who  
married Albin Odberg, of Kettle River, Minnesota, and has two children,  
Gertrude and Matilda; Oscar, now living at St. Joseph, Missouri, who mar-  
ried Hilda Bragg and has two children, Gladys and Charles; Edwin, who  
died in 1908; Elmer, who is at home; Theodore, a farmer of Lincoln town-  
ship, who married Edla Helstrom and has two children, Evelyn and Audrey;  
Dell, who is at home, and Emma, who is living at St. Joseph, Missouri.  
The Olsons are members of the Swedish Lutheran church and Mr. Olson  
has served as deacon of the same for the past thirty years. He is a Repub-  
lican and takes a warm interest in political affairs, but has not been a seeker  
after public office.