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Titel: Norra Vi
Skrivet av: David Carlson skrivet 2015-06-19, 16:05
I am looking for Sara Stina Jaensdotter who was born in 1782 in Norra Vi.  The ArkivDigital record shows a Sara Stina born that year but I cannot read or translate the record: Norra Vi C:4 (1781-1861) Image 38 / page 36 (AID: v39277.b38.s36, NAD: SE/VALA/00268).  Can someone read the script and translate for me?  
Her husband, Carl Samuelsson, was born in the same year in Norra Vi but I can't find him anywhere.  Any suggestions?
I am looking for them based on the following record after they moved to Oppeby from Hagestad in 1807: Oppeby AI:3 (1805-1813) Image 55 / page 97 (AID: v28376.b55.s97, NAD: SE/VALA/00289).