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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 19.1.2001
Skrivet av: Donna Corlett skrivet 2000-06-21, 19:20
Hi! An update!  Emil's brother Frans was in fact born in Locknevi, Kalmar county....not in Hycklinge, Östergötland county (sorry!).  
Emil Adolf Valdemar Wid was born in Hycklinge on September 14, 1880.
Frans Alfred Wid was born in Locknevi on May 25, 1869.
I have also been told that Emil travelled in 1906 with a sister by the name of Edla Kristina Alida Wid.  I am not sure of her birthdate/place.  I suppose it could be either parish considering that I don't know her exact age...or when the family moved from one parish to another...etc!!
Can anyone help with this?  I just keep hitting dead ends!!
Best regards,