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Skrivet av: Margareta Danielsson skrivet 2016-01-16, 17:27
Hej Linda
The Lutheran priest would absolutly have known if they had been divorced and noted that in the parish-book. They are noted in the Lutheran churchbook when they married.  
Falu Kristine EI:6 (1890-1894) Picture 6 in Arkiv Digital. Married April 6 1890 of K.M. Lindh, metodistpredikant in Falun.
K.E. Lundgren owned the house, where Carolina lived in Falun.  
Falu Kristine AI:43 (1894-1900) page 22 Nedre Elsborg quarter 55, house 12-13  
When she died it is noted that she was married to K.E.Lundgren in Mora. Also in the death-book.
Falu Kristine AIIa:4 (1900-1909) page 133 the same hous as above.
Falu Kristine FI:9 (1895-1908) sid 154 Nr 98 Carolina died Oct. 30 1906 of peritonitis.
In Mora is noted that Karl Eric´s wife died in Falun.  
Mora AIIa:4b (1900-1910) page 1576 Öna
In Falun nothing says that Carolina belonged to the Methodists. Maybe she didn´t like it and moved back to Falun of that reason? Or maybe she wanted to live in a town, not in a small village? Maybe they both lived for a time in Falun and for a time in Mora? We can only guess.  
Swedish clergymen had to record all that happened the population. Probably had metodistpastors register of their members, but I don´t know if it is preseved,