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Titel: Mora
Skrivet av: Linda Sandahl skrivet 2016-01-15, 20:35
Karl Erik Lundgren was not just a carpenter. but the half-owner of an iron foundry in Mora; his partner was A.G. Fernstrom.
He first married Johanna Maria Berglund, who was the mother of his first three children a son and two daughters. She died in 1884.  
Carolina Jonsson was actually born Carolina Jonasdotter; she had her first child Elsa Maria (7 Jun 1879) in Stockholm at the age of 29, with no husband. She began using the name Jonsson and supported herself as a baker.  
What happens next is what I haven't found out; somehow she and Karl Erik met and decided to marry. I think they might have met through the Methodist church -- if there was one in Mora. Perhaps if there was no actual church building the congregation met in someone's home.  
When they married, they moved to Mora, forming a family with his three children and her daughter. They had two children together, Erik Fridolf and Elinda Carolina (who was my grandmother).  
Carolina died in 1906 and I wondered if she had moved back to Falu Kristine because she was suffering from some illness.  
Elsa Maria took Karl Eric's name, and she emigrated alone to the U.S. in 1903, where she met another Swedish immigrant and married him; eventually they had 5 children.
Erik Fridolf also went to the United States to join his sister, but he never reached her. and the family never knew what had happened to him.  
Two of Karl Eric's daughters married Methodist pastors, and I wonder if there is some source of information about people who were Methodists at this time? Would the Lutheran pastor have all the information on them too?