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Titel: Mora
Skrivet av: Linda Sandahl skrivet 2016-01-13, 00:39
Hej! My great-grandfather Carl Eric Lundgren and Carolina Jonsson were married in 1890 and moved to Mora 17/7/1890. At the time of their marriage, she already had a daughter, and he had a son and two daughters. They had two children, Erik Fridolf and Carolina Elinda.  
A few years later the couple separated and on 24/10/1894, Carolina moved with her three children and one of Carl Eric's daughters from Mora to Falu Kristine.
Carl Eric and Carolina never divorced; is there any way to find out why they separated, or what happened? They did not divorce, he kept on supporting the family, and one of his daughters stayed with her stepmother to care for her half sister and brother.  
Unfortunately the parish pastor might not have had very much knowledge of the situation, as they were all Methodists and did not attend the parish church.