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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 23 augusti, 2013
Skrivet av: Don Tuthill skrivet 2011-11-16, 12:53
Hi Sara!
Olof was b in Djur #4, Gagnef, Kopparbergs län.
His birth record can be found at AD-Online: v130056.b92.s88.
His parents were Mats Andersson b 1/2 1842 in Djur, Gagnef, Kopparbergs län and Kerstin Olsdotter b 30/4 1856 in Bäsna, Gagnef, Kopparbergs län. They were married 8/6 1878 in Gagnef.
Their family can be found at AI:33, 1878-1887, Djur #4, Gagnef on AD-Online: v280245.b100,s5 and on Genline: GID: 2201.80.4500, page 5.
Their children were:
Anders b 15/7-1879 in Djur, died 5/11-1954 in Falu Kristine.
Kerstin b 2/3-1881 in Djur, died ?.
Olof Gabriel b 2/2-1883, died 28/11-1954 in Falu Kristine.
Anna Lovisa b 31/1-1885 in Djur, died ?.
Axel b 3/9-1887 in Djur, died 24/11-1971 in Matteus, Stockholms Stad.
Karin b 18/4-1889 in Djur, d 19/2-1983 in Stockholms Stad.
Henrik Oskar Emanuel b 23/7-1894 in Djur, died 25/3-1895 in Djur.
Dodfödd gossebarn b/d 14/4-1896 in Djur.
Mats Andersson's parents were Anders Matsson b 23/5-1812 in ? and Kerstin Andersdotter b 20/6-1814, Gagnef.
Kerstin Olsdotter parents were Olof Persson b 16/9-1823 in Bäsna, Gagnef and Anna Danielsdotter b 24/8-1824 in Utby #2, Gagnef.
My sources are all from AD-Online, SVAR and Genline.
Hope this be of some help for you!
Ha en bra dag/kväll!