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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2003-10-20
Skrivet av: Andrea Belau skrivet 2002-08-07, 00:18
This is a research query submitted for the SwedGenTour 2002. Anybody is welcome to contribute with additional data. If you post your comment before August 17, please also send an email with the info to . Write the research query number in the subject field. More info about  SwedGenTour at !
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Research query
Looking for ancestors of Sara Olsdotter, married Erickson, born in 1845 in Dalarna? Emigrated in April 1880 from Liverpool, England on the ship Alan Leenan to Canada (Nova Scotia to Quebec and then by train to Chicago. She was married to Stor Erick Erickson.
Sara Olsdotter was born on Nov. 11, 1845 in Gagnef parish, Dalarna county.
d. Anna born Jan. 2, 1869 in Gagnef
d. Kerstin born on Sept. 4, 1871 in Gagnef
d. Sara born on Feb. 21, 1873 in Gagnef.