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Titel: Laske-Vedum
Skrivet av: Roland K. Littlewood skrivet 2002-08-10, 02:11
This is a research query submitted for the SwedGenTour 2002. Anybody is welcome to contribute with additional data. If you post your comment before August 17, please also send an email with the info to . Write the research query number in the subject field. More info about  SwedGenTour at !
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Research query
Looking for parents and birthdate of Charlotta Johansdotter, born in Skaraborg county round 1853. Emigrated in 1870 from Gothenburg to New York. Died in LaMoille, Ill. In 1931. She waqs married to Per Swanlund Svensson from Södra Rörum. Charlotta first came til Princeton, Ill.
Låtta Johansdotter 19 years old, from Wedum, Skaraborg, ticket to Princeton.
Source: Pass. List. Apr. 8 1870, code 3:106:2294.