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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-02-19
Skrivet av: Todd Peterson skrivet 2003-05-16, 21:28
Hej Marita,
Thank you in advance for your help. I have some more information. My great-uncle (min farfar bror) did much of the early research on this family. The following note from his research can be helpful.
His sculpting skill was acquired via a journeyman apprenticeship with the firm of Löfmark of Göteborg on the authoritative recommendation of Baron Hierta, a patron of this form of art in his day.
So Lars Petersson apparently went to Göteborg first to learn his trade.He was in Jönköping by 1862 at the age of 27 when he married his wife who was born in Jönköping.
Additional questions if you can help:
1. I found on Gravsök posted a Frederick Philip Hierta and family in Främmestad. Could this be the Baron Hierta mentioned above? Do you know anything about this family name?
2. Would it have been common for young men at that time to be recommended to be trained?
3. What was Löfmark? Was it a manufacturing company or a trade school?
I am indebted to any help you could give.