NULL Skriv ut sidan - Anna-Britta and John Pedersen ,Boston or Brockton


Titel: Anna-Britta and John Pedersen ,Boston or Brockton
Skrivet av: Kurt Andersson skrivet 2000-11-14, 14:33
Hello, you genealogists. I am doing yet another try to find any who can give me information about children or grandchildren to my grandmothers sister. She emigrated to Amerika in the early 1900, to Boston Mass, but i don/t know for how long time she lived there. She married with a man called John Pedersen and they got 3 or 4 children. I do know that one of the childrens name is Olive a (girl) or oliver a (boy) and one of them is called Ruth. My grandmothers sisters name was Anna-Britta Johansson, and was born in 1886 the 26 of february, in the parish of Myckleby. Anna-Britta died in 1917. Anna and John  lived at first in Brockton outside Boston and then they moved to Concorde, about 500 kilometers north of Boston. Olive (Oliver) or Ruth is obout 85 - 90 yers old, and one of them is probably living in New Yersey since a
couple of yers back. I have got information from Norway about a certain John Pedersen From Lesja nearby Åndalsnäs. He come to Boston in 1879 and he was then 18 years old. this means that he should be about 25 years older than Anna. I don/t know if this is the right John, do anyone of you have any information concearning my family i will be mostly greateful if you could contact me. Olive (Oliver) and Ruth have a cousin in Florida who/s name is Evelyn Buck. Another of their cousins live in Venice andher name is Mari Johnson. Hoping for answers, kindly waiting. My adress is Kurt Andersson Burås 2211 47294 Svanesund Sweden. Pherhaps Anna and John had both aboy called Oliver and a girl called Olive.