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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 16 mars, 2011
Skrivet av: Patricia Mikkelsen skrivet 2011-01-02, 16:39
I am trying to find information about my g-g-g grandmother, Maria Persdotter, f. 5 Jun 1801.  She married Sven Olsson Lysell (f. 5 Aug 1810) on 28 Nov 1831 in Brastad.  The marriage record shows the residence for both is Lilla? Emmestad.
I think this is her birth:  Maria, f. 5 Jun 1801, Rördahl under Sör Säm, Brastad, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha ?
I found several other children with the same parent names, born in Bohüslan.  They are:
Born in Brastad, like Maria:
Johanna, f. 22 Mar 1798, Rördal under Säm, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha ?
Anna, f. 16 Dec 1803, Rördal under Säm, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha Svensdotter
Born in Bro:
Jonas, f. 20 Nov 1789, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha Swensdr
Ingeborg, f. 9 Nov 1794, Rosedahlen? under Ornedahl?, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtta Swansdotter,  
Born in Krokstad:
Andreas, f. 26 Jun 1791, Hoghult, Per Rasmusson & Börta Svensdotter
Kristina, f. 11 Jan 1793, Hoghult, Per Rasmusson & Börta Svensdotter  
I found this marriage in Brastad on 16 Oct 1789
Drängen, Pehr Rasmusson, Lund Holma
Pigan, Börtha Svensdotter
The birth records for Maria & her sister Johanna do not show a family name for Börtha, but the record for Anna, who was born on the same farm, shows “Svensdotter”, so I think this is correct.  
However, I also found this record in Brastad – Sara, f. 4 Aug 1796, Säm, Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha Larsdotter.  This makes me wonder about Börtha???
Here are my questions/comments:
Is the couple (Pehr Rasmusson & Börtha Svensdotter) who got married in 1789 Brastad Maria’s parents?  
If they are Maria’s parents, it seems unlikely that the first child they had was in 1798.  But I can’t find a record that they had any other children in Brastad between 1789-1798.
I believe Maria, Anna & Johanna are sisters, but what about the rest of the children I found?  Is it possible they are all from the same family?
I would greatly appreciate any information about my ancestor, or advice about where best to search.
Patricia Mikkelsen