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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2006-02-10
Skrivet av: Rick Anderson skrivet 2006-01-13, 06:56
I'm looking for other individuals who might have matching ancestors for these individuals from Värmlands, mainly the Lysvik and Sunne parishes.
This shows the individuals name, birth date, birth location, death date and death location (CSV format).  All are ancestors of Ernst Per Helge Peterson, my grandfather, who came over to the United States and died in Washington, USA.
If you have a potential match, maybe email me directly at
Name,Birth date,Birth location,Death date,Death location
Anders Svensson,1752,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Bob Larson,,,,
Carin Nilsdotter,1771,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,1828,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden
Catarina Gabrielsdotter,1753,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Cathrina Jansdotter,1783,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Christi Olsdotter,1717,,May 10, 1774,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Daughter Larsdotter,1746,,,
Daughter Svensdotter,1753,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Ellika Persdotter,1731,,April 17, 1795,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Emil Pearson,September 11, 1903,Sunne, Sweden,,
Emil Pearson, Jr.,,,,
Erik Ericksson,March 12, 1816,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,1819,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Erik Ersson,September 23, 1760,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Erik Larsson,July 29, 1786,,,
Erik Nilsson,May 15, 1730,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,April 11, 1794,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Erik Nilsson,July 10, 1778,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Erik Olsson,1829,,1830,
Erik Persson,August 09, 1781,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Erik Persson,March 10, 1841,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,March 26, 1874,Stenbacken, Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden
Ernest Nilsson,1759,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,August 10, 1769,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Ernst Per Helge Peterson,October 21, 1888,Stockholms City, Uppland, Sweden,1948,Washington
Esther Peterson,July 29, 1905,Sunne, Sweden,,
Gabriel Ersson,1718,,,
Gustaf Nilsson,November 14, 1788,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,,
Gustaf Nilsson,1808,,,
Ian Nilsson,1776,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,,
Ian Persson,October 12, 1818,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Ingeborg Ericksdotter,1815,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,1816,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Ingeborg Ericksdotter,1818,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Ingeborg Jansdotter,January 17, 1833,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,Aft. 1880,
Ingeborg Nilsdotter,April 11, 1759,,,
Ingeborg Nilsdotter,June 01, 1756,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,December 25, 1813,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Ingeborg Nilsdotter,1786,,,
Ingeborg Persdotter,April 01, 1784,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Ingeborg Persdotter,January 30, 1796,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Ingeborg Persdotter,1745,Maybe Gtutareg,,
Ingeborg Svensdotter,August 08, 1748,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,May 06, 1826,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Jan Larsson,1749,,April 02, 1828,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Jan Nilsson,July 16, 1788,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,March 18, 1834,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden
Jan Pärsson,1731,Hällserud, Sunne, Sweden,1803,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Johan Edvard Perrson,1887,Stockholm General Children's Hospital, Sweden,,
Jon Jansson,August 03, 1814,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Jon Jansson,December 06, 1790,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Jon Svensson,1764,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Kaisa Persdotter,August 17, 1837,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Kari Larsdotter,1795,,1819,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Kari Olsdotter,1813,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Kari Persdotter,1788,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Karin Larsdotter,1781,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Karin Larsdotter,May 27, 1758,Askerud, Sunne, Sweden,,
Karin Larsdotter,1714,,,
Katrina Jansdotter,March 14, 1829,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Katrina Persdotter,1810,Askerud, Sunne, Sweden,,
Kerstin Larsdotter,September 10, 1780,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Kerstin Larsdotter,1780,,,
Kerstin Nilsdotter,October 08, 1775,,,
Kerstin Persdotter,August 28, 1790,,,
Kerstina Parsdotter,July 01, 1717,,October 15, 1799,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Krirstin Jansdotter,1819,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Kristen Olsdotter,1825,,,
Lars Bengtsson,1709,,,
Lars Eriksson,1835,,,
Lars Jansson,1775,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Lars Larsson,March 18, 1791,,,
Lars Nilsson,1753,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Lars Nilsson,1748,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,1784,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Lars Olsson,1756,,,
Lars Olsson,1811,,,
Lars Olsson,1814,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,1819,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Lars Persson,December 11, 1815,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Lars Persson,1796,,,
Lay Nilsson,September 30, 1793,,,
Lena Gabrielsdotter,1743,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Lisken Gabrielsdotter,1756,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Lisken Persdotter,January 20, 1793,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Magnus Iansson,1767,,,
Margit Nilsdotter,1725,,Aft. 1794,
Margt Larsdotter,August 1778,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Maria Eriksdotter,August 03, 1864,Stenbacken, Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,Abt. 1891,
Maria Ersdotter,June 02, 1758,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Maria Ersdotter,January 06, 1792,,,
Maria Ersdotter,1756,Syvesnik? or maybe Lysvik,,
Maria Gabrielsdotter,1750,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Maria Iansdotter,1770,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,1773,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Maria Jansdotter,April 24, 1788,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Maria Jansdotter,1778,Gunnerud, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Maria Jansdotter,1780,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Maria Jansdotter,June 23, 1816,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Maria Larsdotter,1746,,,
Maria Larsdotter,January 1745/46,,,
Maria Larsdotter,December 17, 1782,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Maria Larsdotter,1790,,,
Maria Larsdotter,November 16, 1788,,,
Maria Nilsdotter,1785,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,,
Maria Nilsdotter,1810,,,
Maria Nilsdotter,1782,,,
Maria Olsdotter,1827,,,
Maria Olsdotter,August 10, 1816,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Maria Olsdotter,1821,,,
Maria Persdotter,1844,,,
Maria Persdotter,May 22, 1821,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,December 23, 1876,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden
Maria Persdotter,1793,,,
Maria Persdotter,1786,,1795,
Maria Persdotter,March 16, 1781,Moangen, Sunne, Sweden,,
Maria Persdotter,September 24, 1779,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Maria Svensdotter,1761,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Marit Jansdotter,November 1813,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Marit Larsdotter,1778,,,
Mika Persdotter,July 20, 1790,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Nils Edvard Persson,1884,Sunne, Sweden,,
Nils Ericksson,April 30, 1811,,,
Nils Ersson,March 03, 1750/51,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,1819,
Nils Gustafsson,1750,Maybe Hvittby or Vitteby,July 01, 1817,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden
Nils Jansson,1826,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Nils Larsson,,,Bet. 1759 - 1769,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Nils Larsson,1784,,,
Nils Larsson,February 24, 1776,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Nils Larsson,1771,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,1773,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden
Nils Larsson,1776,,,
Nils Nilsson,1699,,,
Nils Nilsson,1780,,,
Nils Nilsson,1783,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,,
Nils Olsson,1816,,,
Nils Persson,1787,Stävarby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Nils Persson,1847,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Nils Persson,,,,
Nils Persson,July 04, 1859,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,June 26, 1916,Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden
Nils Persson,June 07, 1803,Moangen, Sunne, Sweden,,
Nils Svensson,1756,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Ober Jansdotter,1778,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Olaf Gabrielsson,Abt. 1745,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,Abt. 1748,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Olaf Larsson,March 30, 1794,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Olaf Persson,September 03, 1844,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Olaf Persson,April 10, 1856,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Olof Bengtsson,February 14, 1731/32,,Aft. 1815,
Olof Ersson,September 24, 1755,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Olof Larsson,January 04, 1790,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Olof Olsson,1807,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Olof Olsson,1823,,,
Olof Svensson,1760,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Per Ericksson,June 30, 1813,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,April 1850,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Per Ersson,1754,Ostra Amtervik, Sweden,,
Per Ersson,July 20, 1758,,,
Per Ersson,January 20, 1753,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Per Nilsson,May 17, 1753,Myringeby, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Per Nilsson Iverman,November 04, 1779,Stornaset, Sunne, Sweden,,
Per Olsson,1781,Edsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Per Olsson,September 07, 1819,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,May 14, 1882,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden
Per Persson,1803,,,
Per Persson,September 27, 1813,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,,
Per Svensson,1755,Backetorp, Sunne, Sweden,,
Pers Nilsson,1789,,,
Petter Gabrielsson,1746,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,1754,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden
Stina Jansdotter,December 22, 1822,Ulvsby, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Stina Maria Gabrielsdotter,June 26, 1739,Aleby, Sunne, Värmlands, Sweden,,
Stina Nilsdotter,1784,,,
Stina Persdotter,December 14, 1805,Askerud, Sunne, Sweden,,
Sven Andersson,1715,,Abt. 1783,
Sven Ersson,1765,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,
Sven Iansson,1747,,,
Sven Jansson,1785,Gunnerud, Sunne, Varmslands, Sweden,,
Unknown Olsson,1817,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden,1819,Ivarsbjorke, Sunne, Sweden
Walborg Ingemandotter,1693,,December 30, 1772,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden
Wallborg Ersdotter,April 13, 1763,Åsegard, Lysvik, Sweden,,