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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2008-02-21
Skrivet av: Rolf Leander skrivet 2007-10-03, 15:30
Dear Anne-Lee Wilson, Florida.
I am trying to find thedeathdate and deathplace for my uncle August Alexander Leander.June 1st you answered under spårlöst försvunna i USA that you had found an August Leander in Illinois with deathdate 1940-06-23 and certificate 0018543. June 2 I gave you his birthdate 1876-05-02, Karlskoga, Sweden hoping you could get it verified that he was the one.I asked for your e-mailaddress hoping this could make our contact easier, but I did not hear from you any more. Please, Anne-Lee, let me hear from you.  
Rolf Leander