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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 31 december, 2012
Skrivet av: Ulf Löfgren skrivet 2012-08-05, 07:51
Lena Stina Rosengren was born December 4, 1798 in Little Helgenäs in the parish of West Ed in Kalmar County [West Ed C: 5 s 241, AID: v41527.b126.s241]. Her parents were skipper Carl Rosengren and mother's name was Brita Christina Westring. Carl Rosengren was born in Little Helgenäs September 28, 1768 and his parents were Johan Rosengren and Anna Helena Dahlberg [West Ed C: 4 s 269, AID: v41526.b137.s269]. Old Butler Johan Rosengren in Helgenäs born 1714 June 24 - died from old age October 6, 1801 [West Ed C: 6 p 533, AID: v41528.b275.s533]. On 14 February 1829:Factory worker Carl Rosengren's wife at Ed's factory born in Sandby parish on Öland February 3, 1761. Married 1791. Leaves one son and three daughters. After a short illness died. Buried on 22. The disease is 'keep and sting'(= pneumonia)[West Ed EI:2 s 139, AID: v41537.b78.s139].