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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-11-02
Skrivet av: Eva Dahlberg skrivet 2002-10-24, 21:17
Hi Walter! The likelihood in modern times of genealogy (ie 1900s and of course 2000s) that someone knows of your close relatives is often rather small, to find them on Internet even smaller. You usually have better luck in finding living relatives by going to the records themselves (at the addresses I gave) and get the names and possible addresses. Karlsson is also rather common (as in very!), you don't know when he moved there etc. However, you may strike gold by contacting a genealogical society in the region, but I'm not familiar with the area.
The reason for the info on the wife and family under Anbytarforum: Discussions in English: Emigrants: Anna Larsson not being complete is that the cd people used for the lookups doesn't contain that information, there are no names given for the time period his wife died, and children are not given at any time.
The reason for giving as much information as you have, or saying that you already know certain facts, is as I said, that people avoid doing the same work all over again.
Good luck with your search anyhow! Do you know that you can check the 1800's records in the USA at the LDS Family History Centers? You have some starting points from the extract of 1890, and the exact birth dates so you have something to find and follow the family in the clerical surveys (husförhörslängd in Swedish) (which for Blekinge and the Hunnebostrand area I guess are available only up to 1895 for the moment, as they are not filmed further, work on later church records started from the north ...).  
Have you seen the link to Swedish Roots, the English pages on Rötter? Just press the red Rötter-sign and follow the link in the left hand menu.
Kind regards,
Eva Dahlberg