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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2004-11-02
Skrivet av: Eva Dahlberg skrivet 2002-10-23, 21:09
Hi Walter! You already have the information on his parents don't you (from under Anna Larsson, or at least his mother)? That would have been useful to mention here, as well as the fact that you already have the information from the CD Swedish Deathbook. If you are searching in different places without providing what info you already have and where it's from, and specifying your question, people might just do the same lookups all over again.
Do you know if you have cousins by this uncle? If it is his possible descendants you are looking for you should turn either to the parish office in Hunnebostrand on e-mail for the family information given in the church books or ask for his estate inventory from the Regional Archives in Gothenburg, e-mail
As extra information Hunnebostrand was only a parish of its own between 1909 and 1991, before and after it belonged to Tossene parish.
Kind regards,
Eva Dahlberg