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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 19 juli, 2010
Skrivet av: Eva Dahlberg skrivet 2009-10-16, 07:35
Leonard Franklin has the last few days been asking about a family which partly lives in Hässleby, but also in Södra Vi, Kråkshult, Ingatorp and Edshult over the generations. The most information about the family is given under Södra Vi,  by Marianne Lindén.  
The emigrant followed is Peter/Per Otto Gustafsson born in Hässleby on 24 June 1864 and emigrated from Södra Vi in 1892 and 1895 - and his roots are now traced for a few generations under the other parish discussions.
The last available parish books from Hässleby show his mother and three siblings at page 281 of volume Hässleby AI:14. I have traced his mother Maria Katarina Krantz and she dies in  in Hässleby parish in 1908, on 4 November, she is stated to be a widow in Gäddegöl (source Hässleby death book 1905-1914, volume CI:8, number 1908:27).  
She is stated to be recorded at page 82 of the parish book - which is not available online. But the death book states that she actually died in Frösö in Jämtlands county (and province) which is in the north of Sweden. I adviced Leonard to ask the Regional Archives in Vadstena about the information in the parish book for Hässleby between 1897 and 1908.
Peter Ottos sister - and Maria Katarinas child, Hanna Maria, dies in Hässleby unmarried in 1950: from the cd Sveriges dödbok 1947-2006 (Swedish Death index 1947-2006)
18621005-240 (personal registration number/ID number/ which is similar to the American Social Security Number)
Gustafsson, Hanna Maria
address: Brestorps Södergård 1:1 Furulid
Dead 10/23/1950.
Registered in Hässleby (Jönköpings län, Småland).
Born 10/5/1862 in Hässleby (Jönköpings län, Småland).
Unmarried woman.
Looking through the information in Hässleby parish records about the family of Maria Katarina Krantz (1829-1908) and her husband (Gustaf Jonsson 1819-1886) in Dalhem, Lilla Fagerhult - combined with different cd:s - tells us that the youngest daugther Sara Matilda born 3 June 1866, in 1888 moves from Hässleby to Östersund in Jämtlands county (and Jämtlands province). She dies as Sara Matilda Löf in 1942 (30 August 1942) in the parish of Frösön (in Östersund). This explains why Maria Katarina is there in 1908 at the time of her death!  
You could ask the Regional Archives in Östersund for details (e-mail:}. According to the cd Begravda i Sverige (Buried in Sweden) Sara Matilda lies in the same grave as a man named Löf (1866-1938) which should be her husband and a younger couple, but there is no indication that the younger man is her son.