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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 01 september, 2008
Skrivet av: Bill Gustavson skrivet 2008-02-27, 18:25
I am trying to find information about Peter Johann Petersson and family.  According to Genline's parish records for Hässleby, Peter and his family lived in Sammekulla up until the year 1868.  That is when they were suppossed to have left for America. (GID 1096.26.56700 p.9 line 65)  The household examination records agree with that (GID 1096.21 p.214 lines 2-8)  I cannot find where they left from, and where they had landed in America.  I know sometimes the ship that makes the journey stops at other countries first before heading to America, but I cannot find that information either.  I hope someone can help