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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2013-11-21
Skrivet av: Fred Ostrom skrivet 2013-10-12, 16:33
Hej Ulla, I am able to access the internet again and thank you very much for the information you provided. I have reviewed the records and also learned Johan died Aug. 16, 1810 (Orebro Nikolai F:I (1693-1820) im. 191) and Pehr died Apr. 17, 1812 (Orebro Nikolai F:I (1693-1820) im. 197. Although I believed that Pehr was to have a successful life, that was not the case. AI:13 (1806-1810) im. 454, pg. 449 indicates that Maria was born in Orebro but no birth record was located to learn who her godparents were. I have not located a death record and will assume she remained alive. Now I must see if she went to live with relatives.
Thank you so very much, Ulla you have helped me very much!!