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Titel: Tångeråsa
Skrivet av: Barbara Dilling skrivet 2015-05-03, 02:26
Thank you for this information.  On the household records for Tångåsa A1:4 gave her death year as1819, but I could not find it in the death records.
Brita Larsdotter 15 August 1756 was born in Björkbacken, Tångeråsa.  Her father was Lars Månsson born about 1716 and Brita Mel...dotter born about 1718.  Can you tell me Brita Mel.? last name?  Source:  Tångeråsa A1:2 (1758-1795) Image 22/page 21.
I also found the birth records for Carl (1822) and Anna Maria (1824) the children of Petter Månsson and Brita Olsdotter in the Tångeråsa C:2 (1759-1830) record.