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Titel: Tångeråsa
Skrivet av: Barbara Dilling skrivet 2015-05-01, 17:51
I found the family in Björktorp A1:4 (1812-1825) Image 21/page 15.  Brita marries 28 April 1817 and goes to Skagerhult.  I believe she marries someone with the last name of Borgestrom.  This could still be my Brita, if her husband dies and she marries Per Månsson.  
The Per Månsson family was first found in Viby A1:8b (1826-1830) Image 238/page 533.  I haven't been able to find the birth records for Johanna 1819 in Skagerhult because the records burned.  Carl supposedly is born in Viby, but I can't find his birth record.  I'll continue to search.