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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 09 februari, 2014
Skrivet av: Diane Antrim skrivet 2014-02-09, 08:29
Helena and Bengt-Goran,  
Helena, Thank you for your work on my behalf. I did not know about the daughter Emelie.  I had found Brita Johanna in the Stockholm records for 1878+.  I found there that she was my grandmother's mother and that she had 3 illegitimate children in various institutions in Stockholm.  Thank you so much for adding that piece of information.
Bengt-Goran, thank you for the image of the record about Brita. It is very special for me to have.  Also the additional information that you have given.  I've been a little confused about this ancestor and trying to put the pieces of her life together.  You and others have helped.