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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2002-01-11
Skrivet av: Robert Hill skrivet 2001-12-11, 22:58
Thanks Nina,
I looked at the Mormon Records and that is the  
right family and the names and the dates of the
children seem to be correct but the birth dates
for the parents might be wrong because the 1890
census for Västernorrland of Anna Cajsa Kjerf
(Bergström) gives her birhdate as 1813. Carl  
Olofson Kjerf born 1769 in Böle, Stöde and Gertrude Jonsdotter born 1759 may have been the parents since the name is the same. I think the
name Kjerf might be a name given to him in the Swedish Navy, I Think that Carl Olofsson Kjerf may have been in the Swedish navy.
Robert Hill