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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2002-01-11
Skrivet av: Jan Söderström skrivet 2001-10-31, 22:26
To Sven Edvardsson and Robert Hill.
Mats Jonsson died Oct 12, 1834, from a heart attack (håll och stygn). He and Christina seem to have had 3 children, Lisa Stina born 1820-03-01, Jonas (later mentioned as tailor) born 1822-02-25 and Carl Johan born 1828-04-10 (probably died as young boy). There is a note in the church book (Hfl) that Christina moved to Hällesjö 1835.
Some comments to Robert:
Per Andersson's wife Gölin died 1660. She came from the village Komsta.
I haven't seen the death year for Anders Olai before. Where did you pick it?
You mention that Mats Karlsson died 1655 in Torp. Any source?
I have most of the church books of Torp (including Helge Nyberg's family register), so keep asking questions up to my limits.