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Titel: Äldre inlägg (arkiv) till 2002-01-11
Skrivet av: Jan Söderström skrivet 2001-10-28, 14:02
For Robert Hill re Lisa Stina Matsdotter.
Her mother was, as mentioned, Christina Johansdotter, a farmer's daughter från Hällesjö parish. Lisa's father was Mats Jonsson, also as mentioned. Mats' ancestors were:
Father: Jon Zacrisson, born 1732-09-23 in Byn, Torp. In 1757 he married Anna Matsdotter, born 1725 in Tirsta, Torp. Jon died 1803 and Anna 1815. They lived i Lillmörtsjön, Torp.
Jon's ancestors: Father Zackarias Larsson, Byn, b. 1691, d. 1768. Married 1728-12-29 to Elisabeth Larsdotter. They lived in the village Byn. They also had the son Lars, 1730-1794, and daughter Anna, 1735-1808. Zackarias' father: Lars Tholsson Flink (a marine), 16xx-1691 (there's a special story about him). Married to Märit Jonsdotter from Byn, 1650-1714. They had 6 children from 1672 to 1691.
Elisabeth Larsdotter's parents were Lars Karlsson, 1649-1715, and Anna Jonsdotter, 1655-171x. They lived in the village Ovanede.
Lars Tholsson Flink was son of Thol Johansson, Viken 1, lived 16xx-168x, and Märta Olofsdotter, 16xx-168x. They had 4 children from 1631 and on. Märit Jonsdotter was daughter of Jon Persson, tailor in Byn (16xx-16xx) and Anna Thomasdotter from village Ålsta (16xx-16xx). She was daughter of Tomas Persson and Märet Persdotter in Ovanded.
Lars Karlsson was son of Karl Matsson (16xx-16xx) and Ingial Persdotter (16xx-16xx) in Ovanede. They got 4 children from appr. 1650 - 1654.
Now back to Anna Matsdotter, Jon Zacrisson's wife: Her father was Mats Andersson, a blacksmith in Tirsta 6, Torp. Born 1684 in Leringen, Torp. Died 1741. Married 1713 to Segri Mårtensdotter, born 1687 in Vissland, Torp. They also had the sons Anders (1714) and Mårten (1720). Mats' father was Anders Andersson, born in Borgsjö parish, married to Anna Matsdotter, born 1647 in Holm parish. Anders' father was Anders Olsson in Össjön, Borgsjö parish, married to Anna. Anna Matsdotter's parents were Mats Olsson and another Anna in Holm parish.
Segri Mårtensdotter died 1771. Her parents were Mårten Jönsson in Vissland 3, born 1645, died 1730, and Ingrid Elofsdotter (Mårten's 2nd wife), born 1643, died 1729. Mårten Jönsson's parents were Jöns Matsson in Vissland 3, born 16xx, died 16xx, and Ingeborg Mårtensdotter, born 16xx, died 16xx.
We have some common ancestors among these people. If you think there is more to get, you may e-mail me.
The story about Lars Tholsson Flink is, that (being a marine) he was stationed up north in Sweden and then in Finland. He the had to serve in the county Blekinge, south in Sweden. This county had been conquered from Denmark, so Sweden located a marine base in the city of Karlskrona. Lars belonged to 2nd marine company as marine no 155 for Jämjö parish. The supporter for this marine was Sven Nilsson in Kråkerum and Frände in Snällebäck. I'm not sure if those are villages or parishes. Lars never returned to Medelpad county and he died 1691. Wonder why he never returned? We still have to find the answer.
Hope this completes your pedigree a bit.