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Titel: SV: Origins of Name Molander?
Skrivet av: Klas Wallén skrivet 2022-08-21, 12:07

I think that the name Molander can be found at many different locations and therefor have different origins/meanings. One person with that name might have been a Miller but another one not. Perhaps Olof Molanders ancestors are the ones form Motala but perhaps they are not. At this moment I do not know that and therefor I can't say if his and Marks surnames have the same meaning . Mo in Motala seems like a possible explanation for a name. The word mo means a plain land of sand and gravel often with pine trees on it. But Mo in Motala might be something els according Wikipedia, it might be "Mot" a place where roads met.  I guess we would need to take a closer look at Anders Håkansson and see if we can find something there. Where did he live later on?