NULL Skriv ut sidan - Help with translation from court doc


Titel: Help with translation from court doc
Skrivet av: George Lind skrivet 2021-03-30, 21:41
Attached is an image from the 1799 Judgement Book.  Can anyone translate the hi-lighted words?
Gertrud Torkelsdotter was charged with having intercourse out of wedlock.

I think it says "företrädda as anmälde" which translates to "maintained as reported" in English.  That doesn't make any sense in English.
Do I have the correct translation into Swedish and then into English?

Here is the original doc info
Färs häradsrätt (L, M) AIa:75 (1799) Image 4200 (AID: v460438.b4200, NAD: SE/LLA/10016)