NULL Skriv ut sidan - SV: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren


Titel: SV: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren
Skrivet av: Leif Lundkvist skrivet 2021-01-14, 16:27
At that time the main naming system in Sweden was patronym, i.e. Lars was named Lars Anders' son, and his sister Mareth Anders' dotter. Almost all soldiers got other names, such as Norén, to be able to differentiate between all Lars Andersson that would be present in a company. But all people could take such names, it was very rare among farmers but quite common among craftsmen, thus being a tailor journeyman was a reason for Lars to take such a name. It is possible that Anders Larsson actually also took the name Norén, if you follow him in Household Examinations you will see if that is the case. When people arrived to countries where family names were common, they often gave their parents false family names, as the truth would give so many questions. In the 19th century it gradually became more common to use family names and 1905 there was a name law that stated that we should use family names. If Lars had lived at that time he could take the name Andersson for himself and his children, as well as his wife would also be named Andersson, born Persson or whatever, but earlier women did not change their names when married, Mareth Andersdotter would have that name all her life. On the other hand, Lars could take his father's family name and be Lars Larsson as well as his whole family. When you follow Lars in HE you should find when he changed to Norén, the final proof that it is the same person.