NULL Skriv ut sidan - SV: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren


Titel: SV: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren
Skrivet av: Mr Brian Cross skrivet 2021-01-14, 09:44
Thank you Leif, much appreciated.

What I am finding strange at the moment and I think it must be the Swedish way is the change of name. On his marriage certificate Laurentius (Lars) gave his fathers name as Anders Noren and his mother as Martha Noren but before marriage name as Anderson.

In the text in your previous post you say his fathers name was Anders Larsson and that he married Mareth Olofsdotter. But where does Noren fit into all this? why does Lars say his father was Anders Noren and why in your earlier post does his name change to..."This man lived as Tailor Journeyman Lars Norén in Göteborgs Kristine"

Sorry but all seems strange and unusual but I'm sure that when I understand it I will see how it all works.

Thanks again for the two documents and I hope that someone comes along with maybe a document that shows how he came to England. The rumour of him absconding from the Navy is only a rumour so might not be true.

Thank you again :-)