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Titel: SV: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren
Skrivet av: Leif Lundkvist skrivet 2021-01-14, 02:46
Yes, I would be very surprised if we find anything that show that this is not the right man.

I don't know much about sailor research, maybe someone else can do that.

Date format is YYYY-MM-DD and it is his date of birth. Oviken is a parish in Jämtland, some 30 km southwest of Östersund, a bit further to the north and more inland than what the DNA suggested. Large parts of the parish is a mountain area, containing Oviksfjällen. Use and search for Oviken and you should find it and also Side, the place where the family lived at least until 1847.

I use ArkivDigital which is digital pictures of old records, but you have to pay a fee to use it. Oviken is the parish, C:4 is the volume signum (C stands for birth records), 1812-1861 is the years that volume cover, Bild 1110 is the picture number (specific for AD), sid 209 is the page number, the AID is a way to fast get access to the page at AD, and NAD is the volume number in the National Archive Database. You can access photos at Riksarkivet for free, but the quality at ArkivDigital is better, the volume information is (usually) the same.

Below are copies of the birth record and the first Household Examination at Side in Oviken. The birth record say "Lars Andersson in  Botåsen was born 8th June at 6 pm...", and Botåsen is where his father Anders Larsson came from. He married Mareth Olofsdotter 1842-04-30 and they settled in Side. (I know that they later moved to Östersund.)