NULL Skriv ut sidan - Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren


Titel: Looking for my Great great Grandfather Laurentius Noren
Skrivet av: Mr Brian Cross skrivet 2021-01-13, 19:50
Hi Everyone

I was guided here as I have been researching my GG Grandfather for several years but cannot find his details in Sweden :-(

I can find him as far back as 1870 when, at the age of 27, he married a Helen Esplin Robertson a Scottish lady in Saint Giles, Edinburgh. I have the marriage certificate if you wish to see it. On this certicate his father is stated as being Anders Noren, a joiner and his mother was down as being Martha Anderson. There is no mention of where they or Laurentius was born.

I have followed his life living in Edinburgh and then around 1880 in Kirkcudbright also in Scotland. He died in Kirkcudbright on August 18th 1885 and I have his will but within that there is no mention of where he was born.

My DNA points to a Swedish connection in the area about Uppland, Gastrikland and Halsingland. I hope this helps the search.

I am basically wanting to find where Laurentius was born as well as some info on his father. Obviously I'd like to find out when he came to the UK and from where? Did he travel to the US first and then travel to the UK from there.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you