NULL Skriv ut sidan - Help translating two records in Frändefors


Titel: Help translating two records in Frändefors
Skrivet av: Douglas A Nelson skrivet 2020-03-22, 12:56

I am having trouble reading two records from  Frändefors parish.  First is the estate inventory from 1774 for Anna Maria DeHog.  The third underlined name is her mother, Madame Britta Caisa.  What is her last name?  Sundstedt?

Anbytforum link: Sundals häradsrätt (P) FIIa:17 (1774) Image 130 / Page 255 (AID: v143089.b130.s255 (, NAD: SE/GLA/11112 ({873b2f4b-77a1-11d5-a6f2-0002440207bb}&s=Balder))

Next is a tax record from 1775 showing Anna Maria's widowed husband, Olof Olofsson, at Lövnäs (in the middle of the left page).  Can someone please translate the note in the margin?  Olof is not here in 1776; I am hoping the note will tell me where he moved to.

Thank you very much for your help!
Doug N