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Titel: SV: Household exam note translation
Skrivet av: Kalle Birgersson skrivet 2020-03-22, 00:53
  * what does Längd 5' 6"" mean?  Length 5' 6" (he became a soldier March 1810 and left service in June 1826)
  * where would the soldier name Djur have come from?
That's how tall he was, 5 feet 6 inces. Yes, we also used those units back then. And soldier's names are very special. Because it was hard to keep track of all Anderson and Svensson the soldiers got unique names. Those could be from the place they lived, what they looked like or just random. Djur is probably random. And normally only he had that name, not his wife and children.

And I think you are correct about everything excepts this part:
Var kommenderad till Karlskrona 1822 (gmr 1822). Begär och får avsked för sjuklighet (gmr 1826). --> He was a commanding officer at Karlskrona in 1822. He requested and received a discharge due to sickness in 1826.
He was commanded to serve in Karlskrona, he was not a commanding officer.