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Titel: SV: Household exam note translation
Skrivet av: Victoria Cihla skrivet 2020-03-22, 00:32
I have looked at all the referenced links and found it all very interesting.  Rolf Carlsson's site was great!   I was able to compare the ancestry of Jacob's to what I have - I found some additional information that I didn't have for which I am now getting copies on AD. Also, I have have a few more dates filled in that are not on Rolf's chart.  Not sure if he wants that information or not but I would he happy to share it for him to verify and use if interested.

  * what does Längd 5' 6"" mean?  Length 5' 6" (he became a soldier March 1810 and left service in June 1826)
  * where would the soldier name Djur have come from?

Will someone confirm or correct my translations of the following text taken from Rolf Carlsson's website (which is protected by the copyright:HEM  Copyright © Rolf Carlsson. Framställd 2020-03-16 med hjälp av Disgen version 2019.)

"Levnadsbeskrivning --> Personal History

Flyttade 1784 från Norrtorpa mellang., Torpa (G) till Marsjö norreg., Annerstad (G). --> In 1784 he moved from Norrtorpa mellang., Torpa to Marsjö norreg., Annerstad.

Flyttade 1810 från Marsjö, Annerstad (G) till Tofta norreg. soldat., Ljungby (G). --> In 1810 he moved from Marsjö, Annerstad to Tofta norreg., Ljungby to become a soldier.

Antagen som soldat nr 105 1810-10-03 i Tofta norreg., Ljungby (G). --> He was inducted as a soldier nr 105 on October 3, 1810 in Tofta norreg., Ljungby.

Levde vid mantalsskrivning som gift 1811 i Tofta norreg. soldat., Ljungby (G). --> He is listed on the 1811 census/tax register? as a married soldier living at Tofta norreg., Ljungby.

Avskedad som soldat nr 105 1826-06-17 i Tofta, Ljungby (G). Längd 5' 6". --> He was discharged as soldier nr 105 on 1826-06-27 in Tofta, Ljungby.

Jacob kallas i alla rullor Jacob Jonasson Djur, vilket är felaktigt. Enligt husförhörslängden i Ljungby (AI:2), framgår att han inflyttar från Annerstad. Enligt utflyttningslängden där framgår att han utflyttar från Marsjö, där man finner familjen i Norregården, och att namnet var Jacob Nilsson Djur. --> Jacob was called in all the rolls, Jacob Jonasson Djur, which is incorrect. According to the household exam records he moved from Marsjö norreg to Ljungby and that his name was Jacob Nilsson Djur.

Var kommenderad till Karlskrona 1822 (gmr 1822). Begär och får avsked för sjuklighet (gmr 1826). --> He was a commanding officer at Karlskrona in 1822. He requested and received a discharge due to sickness in 1826.

Född 1784 enligt hfl i Ljungby (Ljungby AI:2 s.310)." --> He was born in 1784 according to the household exam records i Ljungby.

Thanks again for the help with this!  I appreciate it very much!

Vicki Cihla