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Titel: SV: Translation help
Skrivet av: Don Kaiser skrivet 2020-02-18, 01:58
I can't see that map KG.  I thought that Hellaryd was the same as Hällaryd, Pehrsgärde was the same as Pärsgärde and Lyckö was the same as Lycke?

Finn Fries - It sounds like you're an expert.  I'm trying to locate these places:

Farms in Hällaryd, Blekinge:

Sven Jonasson at No. 42 Pehrsgärde, 1841-46.

Mattes Jonasson at No. 36 Lyckö, 1852-59.

Jonas Svensson at No. 40 Björkenas, 1804-1855; 1881-1883.

Jonas Svensson at No. 3 Binga, 1855-1881.

Bakery and home in Västerbotten:

Sven Jonasson Björklund, baker, at No. 103 Timmermannen, Umeå, 1877-1893.

Kind of you to offer to help.  I know I may be asking too much but...just ignore any illegitimate requests.