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Skrivet av: Don Kaiser skrivet 2020-02-16, 23:30
Leif Lundkvist - I like your supposition that the three owners of No. 103 possibly suggested an establishment of some kind - such as a bakery. But it also seems reasonable that an apartment (curtain?) complex would have multiple owners.

The Umeå stadsförsamlings kyrkoarkiv, Husförhörslängder, SE/HLA/1010220/A I/14b (1877-1887), bildid: C0034466_00174, sida 518 shows "snickaren" for the first 4 tenants on the page.  Google says this is another word for "Timmermannen." Then, "Bagaren" is shown above the Björklund family. I always thought this meant that Sven Jonasson Björklundwas a baker. Maybe that is still true. But it seems like it might mean they lived on the Bagaren block as shown on the 1899 map?  But then why is snickaren on the same page? According to the 1899 map, snickaren was a block of it's own. I cannot access the original link but maybe the adjacent pages show that this page marked the border between the snickaren and bagaren blocks, although this seem unlikely to me? Therefore, was the profession of the first family on that page - carpentry?