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Skrivet av: Anti Poika skrivet 2020-02-13, 00:12
Yes, I remember you said that. So when I see Binga No. 3 and Binga No. 4 on this 1857 map, I should not presume that is where people in the 1862-1870 household examination books lived and farmed?

When you are trying to find Edestad AI:9 (1856-1862) picture 20 ( on a map you at first need a contemporary map, eg. from the second half of the 19th century. Of course, you can't be absolutely sure about the location, not just because there were five families who lived at Binga No. 3 during this period. There are five pages for No. 3 and these households might have been a spin off of an older farm No. 3. So they probably did not live together in one house. The best information will probably be obtained by talking to the people or relatives who live there today.