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Titel: SV: Translation help
Skrivet av: Kalle Birgersson skrivet 2020-02-06, 22:50
Näs means peninsula. Actually it comes from nose, a thing that sticks out. Not from a face this time, but a piece of land sticking out in a body of water. And on this particular peninsula there was many birch trees when they first settled the area, at least 500 years ago. Place names from nature formations are extremely common in Sweden and Björkenäs is very basic. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of Björkenäs around the country.

Öllesjön probably got its name hundreds of years before ash trees got their scientific name. So even if there was ash trees around the lake, they didn't name it.

That historic map is from a "hemmansklyvning", they sold a part of the farm to someone and since ownership of land always has been serious busines it has to be measured and recorded.