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Titel: SV: Translation help
Skrivet av: Kristina Gunnarsdotter skrivet 2020-01-30, 12:02
Just look at the page in my answer nr 12. There you see that Sven is born in Hällaryd (parish) in Blekinge county. And his father Jonas is mentioned further down, born in the same place 1804.

Hällaryd (K) CI:7 (1845-1861) Bild 59 / sid 55 (AID: v95867.b59.s55, NAD: SE/LLA/13167)
Hällaryd (K) AI:9 (1846-1852) Bild 266 / sid 261 (AID: v95845.b266.s261, NAD: SE/LLA/13167)

And so on...
PS I give you the references for Arkiv Digital because it is easier to find the records there.

Maybe you already have read this information in English about how to research your Swedish ancestors. (