NULL Skriv ut sidan - Cause of death/ adress in 1892 Brooklyn


Titel: Cause of death/ adress in 1892 Brooklyn
Skrivet av: Per Ola Eriksson skrivet 2020-01-05, 10:59
According to a written note by a swedish priest in Brooklyn N Y a man by the name of Olof Hanson died on June 20 1892. His widow and two children, one of them borned and christened in N Y, returned to Sweden in october 31 the same year. This contradicts family story that seaman Olof Hanson died in an accident in the Mexican gulf. Olof Hanson was born feb 22 1859. How to get more information about cause of death of this 31 year old sailor? And where did the family stay in Brooklyn, what address?