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Titel: SV: Innkeeper in Ragunda
Skrivet av: Jan Lilliesköld skrivet 2019-12-04, 10:37

I can see that he was called "travelling salesman" when he came to Ragunda. Later "merchandiser".

Then i will guess that it was the railway constructing through Ragunda and towards Sollefteå,
that was "appealing" ?

The railway station in Ragunda opened the 1 of december 1884. And the railway to Sollefteå was ready the 1 of october 1886.

I know of a man born 1851 in another parish in Kronoberg, that "followed the railway" to Bräcke (about 60 km from Ragunda), and later moved to the parish of Borgsjö (more southeast from Bräcke - about 70 km from Ragunda).

Julia Charlotta came to Ragunda from Tra(he)ryd at nov 6 1895, but moved to Sundsvall at nov 17 1900.
I can see that she married 1903 with a "railway station man" born in Ragunda, and they moved around in the north of Sweden.

So I still don't think he had to have any relatives in Ragunda?