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Titel: SV: Innkeeper in Ragunda
Skrivet av: Jan Lilliesköld skrivet 2019-12-03, 19:12
An ancester of my grandmother's sister was an innkeeper in Tra(he)ryd 1880-1890 (when he died). He was born in Stockholm, but were an innkeeper on some other places in Sweden as well.

So I presume that innkeepers could take over as inkeeper on diffrent places?

So I don't think Sven Johan Gustavsson, or his wife, had any connection with Ragunda?

Gustaf Alfred was born in Tra(he)ryd, with parents Sven Johan Gustavsson born in Hamneda and Anna Kristina Jonsdotter born in Tra(he)ryd (and Beterås).

Gustaf Alfred moved to Ragunda in 1888, followed by his brother Axel Frithjof in 1890.