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Titel: SV: primary sources for oldest records: Lehmoinen
Skrivet av: Norman Johnson skrivet 2019-07-20, 14:08
Bertil Henriksson Lehmoinen lived in northern Värmland. The earliest record I have is his marriage 26 Dec 1729 in Fryksände parish. For later records I have found him in the household examination books in Fryksände (1750-1752, 1752-1757, 1757-1765, 1764-1768) and Östmark (1773-1778, 1779-1787, 1788-1793), and also the entry in the Östmark Dödsbok 13 Dec 1788.

I have also found numerous records for Olof Koo Mattsson Lehmoinen in the mantalslängder. What I have been unable to document - other than from secondary sources - is the descent from Olof Koo to his (I think) grandson or great grandson Bertil. Bertil's birth is recorded as 1701 in all the HEBs; secondary sources suggest he was born in Grue parish in Hedmark. The church records for Grue only begin in 1712, so I have found no success there.