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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: leif_lundkvist skrivet 2019-02-13, 03:40
I belive I can trace your Niklas/Nicolaus Pettersson back to 1829 in Bredared AI:6 (1825-1832) Bild 38 / sid 32 (AID: v42248.b38.s32, NAD: SE/GLA/13054). It looks like he had an attest from Borås but that one was not correct. The data in Bredared 1829 is from that attest, but the "moved from Torpa" and the date are crossed over, and that is not usually done för people that move, which suggest that it was wrong which was detected at that time. Maybe there are something else also written under "moved to Torpa", almost completely unreadable. His name should be correct, but everything else might be wrong...