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Titel: SV: Help reading household exam
Skrivet av: leif_lundkvist skrivet 2019-02-12, 20:00
I don't know if you already have Niclas Monthan's last years, Lidköping AI:11 (1833-1839) Bild 91 / sid 87 (AID: v17214.b91.s87, NAD: SE/GLA/13330). Inga is on the same page, e few rows down.

The death record say "kopparslagare Munthans Moder Enkan Ingrid Nilsdr.", no mention of where she is found, but there is an index where both of them are found, Lidköping HFReg:2 (1833-1861) Bild 187 / sid 363 (AID: v188573.b187.s363, NAD: SE/GLA/13330). Bröstsjuka = Chest illness.

Enka = Widow, and that isn't necessarily true, she can have got that even if she never was married.